I believe that being an Advocate for Richmond Public Schools is essential if you are planning to run for School Board.
It takes a lot of compassion and determination to make sure our schools are funded and stocked with the right resources in order for our kids to be successful.
While I was PTA president, for John B. Cary, I worked hard to bring families and teachers together by making family engagement a priority.
During the 2014-15 school year, School Board had named Cary as one of the schools headed for possible closure. So myself, along with other Cary parents, teamed up with Support Our Schools and rallied,  trying to persuade City Council to find more money to keep our school open.

The year after that, Cary, was in the news again when four of our teachers were going to be transferred to other schools in hopes to "skew the numbers across the district." It was a stressful time for staff and Cary families, no one knew what teachers were going to stay and what teachers were going to have to leave.
As PTA president, I decided that instead of just accepting this fate I would rally our parents, staff, and community to get behind our teachers. I contacted the media and we advocated for our teachers to stay at a community Town Hall . We asked the previous administration to attend because we wanted answers. Even our students got involved by making posters that read, "SAVE OUR TEACHERS" and "WE LOVE CARY". In the end they decided that only two teachers would leave but If we had done nothing, all four teachers would've been transferred and Cary would've lost out in a big way.
I told you that story because its important you know what kind of candidate I will be and the kind of advocate I am.

Five years later and I'm still fighting for more funding, though I'm hoping there will be a day where our District won't have to do that anymore.
I used to get asked, "Why don't you just send your girls to a County School, there's just so many problems with RPS"
To be honest, that thought never crossed my mind and anyway I  has already made up my mind up that I was going to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. In my heart I know this is where I 'm supposed to be and this is what I'm supposed to be doing;  Advocating for ALL RPS STUDENTS.
I truly believe to be an effective School Board Representative, you first need to know what it is you're fighting for.

The last seven years have taught me that as parents we don't have to settle for mediocre education because of where we live in the City. Teachers shouldn't have to settle for lower pay and larger class sizes, because our State Delegates don't want to fully fund our schools!
We have the ability to change the things we know are not right. Just remember...
 As Parent and Caregivers We Are Our Children's Best Advocates! So Let's Do Just That; Advocate So ALL Our Children Can Live Their BEST Lives While Having Our Teachers Do What They Do BEST …..TEACH!! 

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Civic experience

VP- John B. Cary  2014-2015                                 Gifted Advisory Board- 2020-current
PTA President- John B. Cary 2015-2018

Richmond Forward- Relationship-based policy analysis and community organizing.
Driven by the belief that inclusion and empowerment will lead to a thriving Richmond.
I served as an Internal Organizer.

Superintendents Parent Advisory Committee-  2018-19 & 2019-20 school years
PAC consisted of 25 parents who met monthly with Mr. Kamras to discuss district issues that would impact our students.
We were responsible for sharing, promoting and communicating information to other parents in our District.

Virginia Excels-  Parent Advocacy  Fellowship 12 week program that focused on advocating for school funding reform during the 2018 General  Assembly.
We concentrated on policies and practices that advanced racial socioeconomics justice.

Student Health Advisory Board- 2019-20 & 2020-21 current
SHAB is responsible for updating the Districts Wellness Policy for next year 2021.
I serve as the parent liaison for the SHAB's Board


I gave a short interview regarding the Chromebook shortage in RPS

I was interviewed on Friday regarding RPS's Chromebook shortage. The shortage will be hard on parents only because there is such anxiety about virtual learning as it is. Parents need to be kind to themselves and just know that it's going to be alright. I think we forget that everyone is in the same boat right now.

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Channel 8 News Interview regarding 2019 Rezoning

My interview with Gretchen Ross regarding the 2019 Rezoning. Myself along with a few RPS parents became lead organizers to help spearheaded community conversations regarding the merger between John B. Cary, Fox and Mumford Elementary Schools. Administrator for Integrate RPS

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2018 Controversy surrounding RPS audit and transcripts

My comments to Gretchen Ross, Channel 8 news

November 2018 Interview regarding the Controversy surrounding RPS audit, transcripts concerns parents.

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News Interview/January 2019 "RPS looking to slash $13 million from Central Office"

In 2019 RPS parents, teachers and advocates spoke to VA. Delegates during General Assembly. In the end legislation let us down by not fully funding our schools. The result was Administration having to cut around 40 central Office jobs in order to make up the difference.

 News Interview regarding RPS 2019 budget. RPS let go of central office jobs due to budget cuts.

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Channel 8 interview on 2019 Budget plan to cut 49 jobs.

During the 2019 Budget season, RPS Administration realized that there were going to have to cut 49 jobs in order to stay under budget.

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