Civic experience

VP- John B. Cary  2014-2015                                 Gifted Advisory Board- 2020-current
PTA President- John B. Cary 2015-2018

Richmond Forward- Relationship-based policy analysis and community organizing.
Driven by the belief that inclusion and empowerment will lead to a thriving Richmond.
I served as an Internal Organizer.

Superintendents Parent Advisory Committee-  2018-19 & 2019-20 school years
PAC consisted of 25 parents who met monthly with Mr. Kamras to discuss district issues that would impact our students.
We were responsible for sharing, promoting and communicating information to other parents in our District.

Virginia Excels-  Parent Advocacy  Fellowship 12 week program that focused on advocating for school funding reform during the 2018 General  Assembly.
We concentrated on policies and practices that advanced racial socioeconomics justice.

Student Health Advisory Board- 2019-20 & 2020-21 current
SHAB is responsible for updating the Districts Wellness Policy for next year 2021.
I serve as the parent liaison for the SHAB's Board